Wood Stoves & Fireplaces


parallel® woodburning technology (pwt)

Many stoves are able to meet European and US requirements for wood burning regulation, often at the cost of great technical complexity and weight trade off.

In most products available today, depth is a particularly important parameter as it defines the size of the combustion chamber and is essential for maintaining a clean glass. Some stoves are extremely deep, just to prevent the combustion near the glass and so avoid dirtying it.

An often used solution is to introduce fresh air along it to create a curtain of air that repels the polluting particles to the chimney.

To correct this problem, in many stoves, the combustion air is then preheated and fed to a second and sometimes to a third combustion zone. These stoves are very complex and expensive to manufacture.

parallel® woodburning technology (pwt) simplifies this by burning wood at extremely high temperatures.

The parallel® woodburning technology (pwt) replaces primary, secondary and tertiary combustion systems, while ensuring outstanding performance. The unique combustion is carried out at very high temperatures from an air supply coming from outside of the living rooms. This air is channeled into the combustion chamber so as to literally envelop the fire.


pwt technology is protected by 2 international patents