Gas Stoves & Fireplaces

parallel® gasburning technology (pgt)

All donbar gas stoves and fireplaces are equipped with high quality burners in stainless steel. It generates a clean combustion, a long service life and very pleasant realistic flame effect. This is the result of 25 years of experience in the development of gas burners, fireplaces and stoves.

The donbar gas range is approved for sale in all european countries. It uses the best gas combustion technology, guaranteeing safety of use and excellent combustion. donbar offers several options for flame aesthetics : logs and different types of pebbles.

Balanced flue technology

All donbar stoves and fireplaces are airtight : the air used in the combustion process comes from  outside the house. A special device placed on the flue ensures that combustion will always be optimal because it will not affected by the changing winds.

As illustrated, the exhaust gases and the incoming combustion air flow in opposite directions in a concentric pipe. This allows the combustion air to preheat with the exhausting burned gases. It will improve the performance of the donbar gas appliance.