Probably the first “smokeless” wood brasero (less than 8% humidity) on the market ! Such a result is achieved thanks by the pyrolysis of the combustion gases. The air is preheated between two concentric combustion chambers and then meets the unburned gases through a multitude of holes which generates excellent combustion that eliminates almost totally the smokes and create spectacular flames never seen before.


donbar ethanol braseros are unique: they are build with a cellular refractory material that acts like as a sponge and  allows a very long burning time. It generates a nice and clean flame. Depending on the model, donbar ethanol burners have a burn time ranging from two to five hours.


The idea here is to have a dual purpose device: a charcoal brasero that can be used as such but on which it’s possible to cook on grill or on plancha.

The grill has been designed in two parts : a stainless steel support that can host a grate or a plancha.
These 2 elements can be placed in a dishwasher !

Unique characteristic: the charcoal container has a double bottom that allows the combustion to be activated with the help of a mobile fan.